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To your right you will find the Assignment Sheet for each class. ➡️ 

It details every assignment, including date assigned, due date, and point value.

                   Please check the CALENDAR tab (at top) to view daily lessons.
Were you absent?  Please do NOT ask me "Did I miss anything?" or  "What did we do?"

The assignment sheet and calendar are your first & second stops if you missed class.
If you are absent, it is   the teacher's    the parent's   the student's  responsibility to ask for and complete make-up assignments in a timely manner.

  Homework Policy                   You can not say you did not know!
    Homework is any assignment meant to be completed at home.  Though time may be given in class, it is a student's responsibility to complete any and all assignments in a timely manner.
     Failure to turn in assignments on time will result in a grade of NHI (Not Handed In) which counts as a zero grade.  To discourage poor work habits and reward an honest work ethic, work will only be accepted ONE day late − not one class session late − and may only earn up to 50% credit Any work turned in later than that will NOT be accepted, so please work with your son or daughter to ensure all homework is done in a timely fashion.  Though Parent Portal is a great tool for informing you of your child's progress, it is by no means a mechanism for making sure work is completed and submitted in a timely fashion.
     Unless otherwise stated, all assignments are due at the beginning of class.
EOC = End Of Class
   Students will have 5 to 15 minutes in class to complete/check work before turning it in.
EOB = End Of Business  Work is due no later than 3:50:00 PM or end of tutoring if Tuesday or Thursday.
Please visit the FORMS tab (at top) to download "Classroom Policy" for a detailed explanation on grading policy, including information on absences, make-up work, re-takes and statement on late work.
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